Althea Box #3: Superfood Box - Thoughts and Review

Hi everyone!

It's been quite a while since my last post...I know, I know. My last post was published last year (pun intended - but literally though, it was last year) and it's been 16 days after new year's before I even came up with a new blog post LOL. I'm not running out of content to blog about, just that I've been so busy with work (and yes - I worked during the holidays *sniff sniff*) and I've been so tired that all I did was eat-sleep-work-poop-repeat. 

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I bought this box from my own pockets, so rest-assured I wouldn't be sugarcoating stuff. Not that I'm saying that people who get sponsored sugarcoat stuff...well, what I'm trying to say is that whatever you'll read here is 100% my opinion.

And also, yes - you read that right. I got the third Althea Box!

Why the third though? And why didn't I get the first one and the second one?


Anyways, I wouldn't really dive into each and every detail of the products included in the box. But I'll be giving short descriptions just so you'd have an idea of what items are included in the box.

Sorry for the crappy quality on this one. I was holding my camera with the other hand while trying to balance the box on the other. HAH! Priorities. 

Anyways, these are the items included in the Superfood Box:

 Skinfood Avocado Lip Scrub
 Missha Juicy Farm Body Shower Berry Berry Blueberry
 B&Soap Fun Shampoo Bar
 Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foam
 Half Moon Eyes Milky Toning Jelly Essence Toner
Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence
 Monstory Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask
Nine Point Blackberry and Bay Body Mist

So there you have it! 8 full size items inside the box. I put emphasis on the "full size items" just to let you guys know that they didn't put samples inside. Dear Santa Althea, Y U SO GENEROUS FOR?

You can shop for the Althea Superfood Box here, but mind you, it's probably out of stock still.

OR if you don't feel like buying the Superfood Box and is only interested in some of the products included in the box, you can always opt to buy each of them separately. I'll include links on where to buy each item.

Short info and description of each item will be posted here, too.

Item #1: Half Moon Eyes Milky Toning Jelly Essence Toner

I read that this product is a 3 in 1 - toner, booster and essence all at the same time! It says on their description that it's mild on oily and sensitive skin, so it's a win-win for me (because my skin is oily and sensitive af)!

If you want to learn more about the product, click here.

What caught my attention with this product is that it contains Silica Powder, and it's known to be effective with controlling sebum and covering up your pores. I haven't tried using the product yet, but I'm excited to use it already! I'd probably be able to use this by next week, when I finish my other bottle of toner.

If you buy this separately you get a box of cotton pads for free.

Item price when sold separately: P1,200.00 (currently on sale at Althea for P750.00)
Buy it here: Half Moon Eyes

Item #2: Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foam

I honestly think that all cleansers do the same thing - cleanse the face and rids it of dust and dirt - but this cleanser claims to not just cleanse the skin, but leave it soft and moisturized (because it has oatmeal in it). It says on its product description that "Oatmeal is nominated in Times' 10 Super Healthy Food, known for its rich nutrition value including fiber and amino acids" and that "Calmia Oatmeal Cleansing Foam does mild exfoliation for daily use and also gives deep hydration".

Well, I haven't tried this product yet honestly speaking.

Previous facial cleansers that I've used leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean but dry - so the "deep hydration" the product promises makes me want to switch and try using it right away. But I'm stingy af so I'm gonna finish using my current foam cleanser LOL.

Item price when sold separately: P400.00 (currently on sale at Althea for P160.00)
Buy it here: Calmia

Item #3: Monstory Cool Cool Mon Slow-Aging Sleeping Mask

When I was contemplating on whether I should get this box or not, seeing this item included in the box made me get the box right away. Why, do you ask? Because paying for 1,500 PHP alone for the mask itself is expensive already. I'm currently using the Tony Moly Panda Sleeping Mask (and I found it expensive already...BUT I got it cheap from YesStyle when they were having a huge sale on their Korean beauty products LOL) and I'm almost finished with using the product (if you've read previous blog posts you've probably seen it HAHAHA and yes I still have it and I'm still currently using it...that's how stingy I am) and I'm in DIRE need of a new sleeping this answered my subconscious prayers HAHAHA.

It's a plus that it's Anti-Aging HAHAHAHA and you might think to yourself - aren't you too young to use Anti-Aging products, Dana?

Well, living in a country where it's almost ALWAYS summer (with typhoons every now and then) I think I'd rather invest in keeping my skin looking young and healthy than wait till it's too late *insert girl emoji with her one hand held off like she's asking for money...with a poker face on*

Item price when sold separately: P1,500.00 (currently on sale at Althea for P1,000.00)
Buy it here: Monstory

Item #4: B&Soap Fun Block Shampoo Bar

YES, I haven't tried using this one, too - but the description of this item sounds promising. Also, I've read some of the reviews of people who bought and used it saying how much they like the item (I read one review saying she's on her 3rd bar already) and I'm, maybe I need this LOL.

If you guys didn't know, I have really dry and frizzy hair due to the fact that I dyed it 3 times last year + I got it rebonded. IF that doesn't scream dry and frizzy I don't know what else would.

I'm currently using Hair Vinegar and it also works wonders to my hair (also recommended it to my co-workers and they're currently using the same hair vinegar that I use HAHAHA) but it wouldn't hurt to try other products, right? Right? 

Item price when sold separately: P720.00 (currently on sale at Althea for P320.00)
Buy it here: B&Soap

Item #5: Missha Juicy Farm Very Berry Blueberry

By now you probably know and noticed that I haven't used (well, not yet) much of the products inside the box (HAHAHAHAHA) so I wouldn't say anything about this product well because I haven't tried using it yet.


It smells so good.

Also, this product is not sold in Althea. Perks of getting an Althea box is that you get items that aren't sold separately in their store.

Item price when sold separately: $8.00 (approximately P398.00)
Buy it here: Missha

Item #6: Skinfood Avocado Lip Scrub

I'm excited on trying on this product - yes, guessed it right. I haven't used this one yet either. For someone who has super dry lips and is desperate to get them moisturized (I even got me lip sleeping masks HAHAHA) this is like another light to my empty, dark tunnels (wait, what?).

I've tried lots of lip balms and I barely use lipstick because my lips are too dry. Brands that I've used include Blistex (keeps my lips moisturized but only for less than an hour), Nivea Med (works the same like Blistex), and EOS (this one lasts me up to 2-3 hours) and the one I'm currently using is EOS. 

I'll keep you guys posted if I do use it for I'll write a review on each item included in the box in the future.

Item price when sold separately: $6.10 (approximately P304.00)
Buy it here: Skinfood

Item #7: Nine Point Blackberry and Bay Body Mist

I'm not really a fan of fragrances, so I don't really know what to say about this product other than it smells good. LOL.

Anyways, this body mist not only claims to be "fragrant" but it also claims to moisturize the skin as well.

Top note: Blackberry
Middle note: Bay Tree
Base note: Cedarwood 

Item price when sold separately: P560.00 (currently on sale at Althea for P390.00)
Buy it here: Nine Point

Item #8: Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence

Last but not the least - one of my favorite items on the box...the Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Essence! I tried using this one last night, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

Well, they say that "Essence is the heart of the Korean Skin Care Routine" and if you want to dig deeper as to why I'm saying you definitely need this in your skin care routine, click here to read more into it.

I just started using this last night, and also yesterday was my first time using it. I might do a review of this by next week. Yesterday was also the first time I tried using an essence and it was the first time I added it to my skin care routine, so I think I could tell the difference it does by next week already...or not.

Item price when sold separately: P964.04
Buy it here: Innisfree 

Sooo Dana...what do you think about this Althea Box?

I honestly think that if you want to try if Korean Skin Care products would work for you or not, getting this box might be a tad too much for you because all the items included are full size items - so you might as well stick to getting samples first.

HOWEVER, for people who like Korean Skin Care products and like exploring the wide range of beauty products they offer, this box is FOR YOU.

Where else can you get full sized items at a cheaper price? YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Getting an Althea box is WAAAAY CHEAPER than getting them separately. I got the box and spent P1,610.00 ONLY. So it's P1,610.00 for ALL 8 FULL SIZE ITEMS.

They currently have 13 boxes (including the Superfood Box) and most of them are always SOLD OUT. I currently have 3 Althea boxes on hand namely the Superfood Box (my first box), the Althea Hair Box (I haven't opened it yet) and the Pore 101 Box (this one I opened but haven't used yet). I'll be reviewing the other boxes as well. Each box doesn't cost the same, though.

Is it worth the money?


Here's a short computation on why you can save more if you bought the box than buying each item separately:

Toner = P750.00
Cleansing Foam = P160.00
Sleeping Mask = P1,000.00
Shampoo Bar = P320.00
Shower Gel = P398.00
Lip Scrub = P304.00
Body Mist = P390.00
Essence = P964.04

Total price of the items = P4,286.04

If you get each item separately, you'd be spending P4,286.04...but what if the other items aren't on sale? YOU'D BE SPENDING MORE THAN P4,286.05. That means you basically saved a few thousand pesos...but that "few" thousand pesos could have bought other important stuff other than skin care.

However, if you plan on buying an Althea Box, always be on the lookout. Their stocks of their boxes are limited quantity only. I remember when they released their Mermaid Box (I wanted to get one so bad but I was waiting for the coupon code to work because I was getting a few other things with it, too) it was already out of stock after a few hours. It didn't even take days - just a few hours!

Let me know if you guys do get an Althea box and let me know what you think about it, too! I'm currently waiting for their Mermaid Box to get restocked again. Well...because mermaid.

Anyways, till the next blog post!

XOXO, Dana 

Two Pans

Hello everyone!

You know what it's another late blog post! YAAAAAY!

JK. It's my day off today (yep, schedules change...just like his feelings for me... #Hugot #PeroJokeLang) and it's another day to blog! By the way, just to let you guys know - I don't get sponsored for these posts so what you read is 100% my unbiased opinion. Also, I'm no rich kid - I have a day job (or night job because I'm always on the night shift lol)...and yeah. That's pretty much it HAHAHA (just wanted to put this out here because someone asked me about that in person last time LOL).

Anyways, this is a continuation to the previous blog post I posted last week. This was actually the first place we went to before going to Ice Avenue but since I was so eager on posting about Bingsu...well, it came out first (obviously LOL).

This was the first thing that caught my eye the moment I entered the place.

And no, I don't mean the random lady sipping on her drink. I meant the cute interior. HAHAHAHA!


I'll just insert more random photos of the store in here:

This drink is called Citrus Punch. It costs 60 PHP ONLY and boy was it yummy! Defo better than the other drink I tried at this other restaurant that I visited (not gonna drop names here but if we're close friends I might drop it JUST KIDDING I WON'T) and defo more affordable!

Their best seller on their entree is the Salisbury Steak and Coffee Marinated Grilled Chicken. I wasn't on my "adventure" mood so I ordered the Salisbury Steak (because I was also craving for Steak) and...well, Nong Jireh ordered the Coffee Marinated Grilled Chicken.

If you want to enjoy your first dine in a restaurant you haven't been to yet, always ask for their best sellers. Asking for their best sellers helps not only you but the restaurant itself. They can't always have bad reviews from people saying how they didn't enjoy their stay at their restaurants, right?

But I don't know about you. I'm not really the adventurous type when it comes to food and dining in places I haven't been to yet. 

So this is their Coffee Marinated Grilled Chicken:

I didn't get to taste it HAHAHAHA but Nong Jireh said it was delicious af. His order was the first to get to our table so I got the chance to take a flat lay version of the food. more like shamelessly asking the waiter to place the plate in front of me first so I can take photos before serving Nong Jireh the food. HAHAHAHA!

ANYWAYS...this is their Salisbury Steak:

AND BOY WAS IT DELICIOUS. While browsing through the photos this made me crave this so much - and once you're craving for something you've eaten know you're hooked. 

The prices on their food is affordable - not that cheap, not that expensive either...just so-so. You get what you paid for, plus there's really good air conditioning in the place - and the ambiance of the restaurant is good, too!

Will I be coming back? DEFINITELY YES! And probably tomorrow LOL 'coz I'm craving for their steak again HAHAHA!

TIP: If you're going to order Salisbury Steak and want rice but also want to keep the mashed potatoes, choose mashed potatoes as your side dish and just order extra rice. You can save that way. *wink wink*

Two Pans is located inside at the ground floor of O Residences, Lacson Street, Bacolod City (just right next to Robinsons Place Bacolod). You'd know it's Two Pans because of their eye-catching interior that you can see from the outside.

Passing by Ice Avenue

Hello everyone!

It's my day off today and yes, another day to blog! 

Well, I went here last week with a friend (HI MANONG JI!). We've been planning on going on a food trip for ages (well not really ages, more like a few days/weeks prior lol) and last week was the perfect time to go because it was a holiday, and it was also my day off! No holiday pay aside, it was a good day.

We didn't really went straight to Ice Avenue: we met up at Starbucks first, had coffee with some of his students, went to eat late lunch at Two Pans (in another blog post lol), went to TomNToms, and finally went to Ice Avenue. Food trip? YAAAAAS!

I only took few photos because I wanted to try vlogging but I sucked so bad so yeah. Kinda regretted not taking much photos, but it's okay because I can always come back LOL.

Anyways, Ice Avenue is owned by a Filipino and a Korean investor. I haven't really seen the Filipino owner inside the store but the waiter said that he/she is always there. LOL. I did, however, met the Korean. He's a friendly guy - always making sure their customers are having a good experience.

Anyways, this is the inside of the store:

I haven't really taken a good photo of the inside on the ground Most of my photos ended up too bright, but I caught it on video. Well...a trying hard video.

Anyways, the store has 2 stories, the ground floor and the second floor. The ground floor has like around 2 or 3 tables. Their comfort room is also on the ground floor. The store isn't really that huge, but it's cozy. I think it's a really good place to hang out at, meet friends with or simply just visit for desserts. 

They also serve cakes, but I haven't tried out their cakes yet. But their specialty is Bingsu.

What's Bingsu? And what's so special about it?

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert. This snack is composed of ice shavings and various ingredients like fruits, red bean, fruit syrups, cheesecake, small pieces of tteok (or rice cake), chewy jelly bits, and nuts. It's usually topped with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Well, the ingredients just depend on what store you visit. It's like the Philippines' halo-halo.

What's so special about it is that the ice shavings is made from milk, and not from plain water.

We stayed at the second floor because the store was packed with students and probably people with the same age as I am hahaha.

We came in at around 4 or 5 pm, which was probably why it was filled with students. Or maybe because it was a holiday lol.

Their bingsu costs around 150-180 php. The Korean Avenue Bingsu costs 150 PHP and is already good for sharing. But if you know me well and know how much I can eat in one seating, you'd know by now that of course, the bingsu that's good for sharing is only good for me HAHAHAHAHA. Other flavored bingsu costs 180 PHP.

I got myself a bowl of Korean Avenue Bingsu and my friend got himself a bowl of Mango Avenue Bingsu. We got the ones that are supposed to be "good for sharing" but who are we kidding? We both knew that the bowls are just gonna be enough for us LOL.

My bowl of Korean Avenue Bingsu. Milk ice shavings topped wth red bean, nuts, almonds, marshmallows and walnut powder.

Manong Ji's bowl of Mango Avenue Bingsu. Milk ice shavings topped with fresh mangoes, mango puree and mango flavored powder. Red bean is under all those ice shavings.

And of course, there's always going to be flat lay version of the food. 

They also have card coupons they give out every time you purchase a bowl of bingsu. So for every bowl you purchase, you get a stamp. When you get to your 5th bowl, you can get it 50% off. and when you get to your 10th bowl, you can get it for free!

However, if you bought bowls of bingsu in a single receipt, only one stamp would be given. For example, if you bought 3 bowls in one receipt, you only get 1 stamp. So if you want to collect stamps with friends, better pay separately *evil laugh*

Anyways, they also have single sized bingsu.

This is Oreo Avenue Bingsu single size. The Oreo Avenue Bingsu single size costs 90 PHP.

Oreo Avenue and Chocolate Avenue Bingsu. They cost 90 php for each bowl.

The Chocolate Avenue was my second bowl of Bingsu LOL. The Oreo Avenue was my other friend's bingsu who came in late HAHAHA.

Anyways, the single size is okay...good enough for one person. They cost 90 PHP each, except Korean Avenue bingsu which costs 75 PHP.

Anyways, the Chocolate Avenue Bingsu doesn't look like that in actual. I just asked the guy to put in crushed Oreo cookies instead of crushed wafers because I'm not really a fan of wafers because Oreo is life but I didn't order Oreo Avenue because I wanted to try Chocolate Avenue, too. But I guess it was pointless of me because I had them change the crushed wafers into crushed oreo ones lol.

Out of all the flavored bingsu that I tried in their menu, I'd say I like the Korean Avenue one because it has a lot of red beans (and I love red beans so much because red beans is life) and the nuts and almonds and marshmallows just mesh well together it's like heaven on earth on every bite. 

Also this place is perfect for selfies HAHAHAHA #InstagramThatSh*t.

Anyways, if you're looking for a new place to chill/hang out at on a budget, try going to Ice Avenue. If you haven't tried Bingsu yet, you can try it out. It's yummy and not so expensive.

Ice Avenue is located at Door 3 Hilado Building, 19th Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

There's a lot of items on the menu that I haven't tried yet like their Rice Burger and Cakes. They also serve drinks (hot/iced coffee and blended ones) and I haven't tried them out yet, too...which means more reasons to come back there!

Anyways, this blog post is not sponsored. Everything I wrote here is what I honestly think about the store/products offered. All honest opinions here - no bias.

Till the next blog post! Lots of love~


It's My, literally!

Hello everyone!

This was supposed to be an end-of the-month haul post, but I got too lazy to edit photos and blog about them HAHAHAHA. I didn't even get these this November, I got them like months before but again, I was to lazy to even open up and remove them from the box HAHAHA. Although I took the photos last week and just edited them, yeah. I guess you can call it an improvement wtf. 

Anyways, this post is going to be my haul from the Korean brand called "It's My". I got all these from Althea Korea (obviously and as always) - my favorite online shop for Korean beauty and skin care products. 

Why another haul, Dana? Don't you have enough Korean skin care products?

Well, why not? One cannot get enough of the cuteness and simplicity of the packaging of these products. AND THEY'RE CHEAP AF COMPARED TO OTHER KOREAN BRANDS WTF. Also, because I like LOVE hoarding stuff HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP JUDGING ME DAMMIT.

Anyways, let's start this haul post with a cute picture of my dearly beloved pink box from Althea and my super cute stuffed sea puppy. Or seal. 

Oh hai there cute sea puppy. Stop hanging out on top of the box now so we can open the box and show everyone what nice and cute things there are inside of it.

Wait...did I say it correctly? Is it even grammatically correct?


So this is how the box looks like inside...

SEA PUPPY APPROVES! But wait, it doesn't really look like that inside the box. Of course I have to arrange them to look pretty and instagrammable af!

I mean, we all know that when you get a box from Althea, it's gonna be filled with beautiful pink paper (for a little something extra, maybe?) and all items would be covered with bubble wrap, but who are we kidding? How can there be bubble wrap left when I got these months ago? *wink wink*

So there you have it folks! These are the items I got from them.

Here's a closer look:

And here's a MORE closer look for each of the items. Links would be included as well, if you're into any of them. Price would be included as well. Teehee!

Item #1: It's My Cleansing Foam


YES, it's another cleansing foam. It's also on the looooong list of cleansing foams that are waiting to be used by no one other than me. HAHAHA. Like how many cleansing foams can one person own? I dunno about you, but I have like 3 other cleansing foams I haven't even started using yet.

But if you're addicted to Korean skin care products like I am, you can't help but be like a butterfly - jumping from one product to another like how butterflies jump from flower to flower. There are just so many brands of Korean products that I want to try, but if it ain't cheap I ain't getting it.

Price: 122 PHP only
Product Link: It's My Cleansing Foam

Item #2: It's My Peeling Wash

I honestly don't have any idea about peeling washes, but I'm having this idea that this works like a peeling know those gel type products where you put on your skin and massage so you can remove dead skin cells...?

Yeah, I think this product is like one of those. Anyways I got this because it's cheap (obviously) and the packaging is cute (another obvious point). And also because I think this is more hygienic to use compared to using peeling gels on tubs or jars or whatever you call them. 

Price: 162 PHP only

Item #3: It's My Cushion

This, I wanted to get my hands on these for soooo long but I didn't know how these things work before HAHAHAHA I honestly thought they were just bought to be a cute case to already existing cushions but NO THIS DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

It's actually an empty cushion. But why am I so excited over an empty cushion?

Well...tadaaa! It's an empty cushion so you can make your own formulation! You know how Korean cushions only have like, 2-3 shades and these shades cater to fair skinned people only. But what about us morena-skinned people? Can't we have such nice things? Well, thank goodness for these because you can now make your own! That means, you can match it up with your skin shade and sh*t!

I got one in pink because it's obviously my favorite color, but it's also available in other colors and designs.

Price: 240 PHP only

Item #4: It's My Lip Crayon 

I included this item in a previous giveaway and the person who won the giveaway box said that she liked this item so much, so I got one for myself, too. Actually, not just one, but three of them. The shades look so cute so I honestly can't help myself from buying them.

The shades I got are: WN 01 or Awesome Wine, RD 01 or Rozy Red, and CA 01 or Shy Candy.

Price: 240 PHP only

Item #5: I Am Sorry I Am Just Cleansing

Well...this isn't really a part of It's My, but it's actually from B-Lab. Initially I thought it's from It's My and I was so confused and ecstatic at the same time because the packaging is cute and is kinda like the same with It's My products - but they turned out to be from different whatever.

So much for me being ecstatic. HAHAHAHA.

Also, just look at this tiny cute bottle saying sorry for just cleansing? HOW CAN YOU SAY NO TO IT OMG.

Price: 190 PHP only

Item #6: It's My Lip & Eye Remover

Call me babaw or whatever, but I literally laughed my ass out when I got this HAHAHAHA. LIKE HOW CAN THIS BE CALLED LIP AND EYE REMOVER? Does this remove your lips and eyes or something? But it obviously is an eye makeup remover + lip tint remover...or just a makeup remover in general. 

I honestly haven't tried this yet, so I'm gonna try this out once I ran out of makeup remover. 

Sorry for poking fun at the name, but it's just too cute I cannot.

Price: 122 PHP only

Item #7: It's My Sun Cream

It's in a small and cute container, 'nuff said. It's recommended for daily use, and is SPF 45 / PA+++. On the product's description, it claims to not leave a white cast while using it, so I got it. Also because the packaging is cute af. Did I already mention that it looks cute? 

The product description also mentions about it being "full of moisture" so I guess it's not drying nor greasy compared to other sun creams?

Price: 240 PHP

Item #8: It's My Puff

I got this because it's cheap and the puff I use on my other cushion is so worn out, it looks dirty as hell already. Also got this because I'm not really sure if it's okay to wash my previous puff/if there would be a negative effect on washing the puff (like on it's absorbency or something).

I just hope it works like the current (dirty) puff that I'm using.

Price: 40 PHP only

So that's it for my haul post! I still have 3 boxes that I haven't opened yet (because they were having a whole lot of SALES lately, I just cannot help myself!)

Also, thank goodness for the lowered accumulated price for free shipping! From 1,500 PHP to 999 PHP! This means I won't have to add random stuff I don't even feel like getting just so I can reach 1,500 HAHAHAHA!

I honestly don't know how to end this blog post, so I'll just end this right here. Hahaha!

Till the next blog post!

xoxo, Dana 

The Face Shop X Kakao Friends Haul

Hi everyone!

It's been sooo long since I last posted anything in here (yep...5 weeks! I WAS GONE FOR 5 WEEKS!) BUT BUT BUT - I have a really good reason as to why I haven't been posting anything for the past few weeks (or month LOL):

Reason #1: The camera I always use to take pictures with (Canon EOS 1100D) is too bulky to take with me anywhere - and it's scary to take it out, too! It's a huge shark-bait for thieves/robbers/hold-uppers! AND I'm not even exaggerating! #SadTruth

I didn't want to post photos on my blog with crappy quality because...well...I'm maarte that way HAHAHA wtf. 

Also I had to return my Note 7 and get a refund for it because of the recall. And it took really good photos, too! (Check out my previous post - the pictures in it were solely taken using my Note 7!) 

Reason #2: My laptop's speakers and keyboard were acting crazy and I could not stand it any longer. I mean, I knew the speakers were broken 15 days after buying it but they wouldn't replace my unit because of the stupid 7 day replacement rule (which I honestly think is stupid because the laptop is expensive af...and 7 days is too short for replacement wtf) so I just waited for a while to see what else goes wrong with it (para sulit naman ang waiting time WAHAHAHA). And yes, it's finally fixed so yay for me! 

But we all know I'm not gonna talk about why I was inactive this past few weeks - because the title is different from what I'm currently talking (or typing) about, so let's go back to business! I mean, the topic. Or whatever. HAHAHA. Gawd I'm so rusty at this!

Of course I'm gonna include a cute photo of the items I got...they also have to be scattered like that so they'd look instagrammable af...if you know what I mean.

And here's a list of the items that I got from their collection:

Oil Control Water Cushion
Aloe Moisturizing Facial Foam Cleanser
Lip Tints (Pink and Red)

These were the only items I got (although I really, really wanted to get one of each character) because they're expensive af. I only got to get these because I just got my paycheck lol wtf. Dana got paid, so Dana goes shopping HAHAHAHA (although I really need to save oh my goodness *insert crying emoji in here please*).

As if you don't already know which is which. HAHAHA. I just wanted to throw in another picture because...well, why the hell not?

Item #1: The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion with SPF50

I already did a review of this cushion, so there's no need for me to say anything more about the product. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can check it out by clicking here or you can manually look for it on my blog roll HAHAHA.

Anyways, I got this because APEACH IS JUST TOO CUTE I CANNOT *squeals with delight*

And also because I like using it everyday, and the one I currently have is almost finished to the point that I have to squeeze the sponge just to get some product out lol wtf. Also because it's pink HAHAHAHA I cannot just pass this one out. Besides, the cushion itself has this matte type finish (I'm talking about the container) so it won't scratch easily if it does get lost in your purse or make up kit or kikay kit or whatever you call it (I call mine my magic bag because the stuff inside does wonders to my overly haggard face lol wtf).

It comes with a refill, too! YAAAAAY!

The mirror inside is still huge, as usual. Me likey!

Also the sponge is cute af. AND PINK. *dies of cuteness on the inside*

Anyways, I got this for 1,295 PHP. A tad expensive, yes - but it's also probably because it already has a refill that goes with it in the box...or because it's in the Kakao Collection? I don't really know why, because this is my first time buying something from a collection HAHAHAHA #Namumundok.

Well, I got my other one for 895 PHP, so I guess it's still a good deal...? Considering the one I got didn't have a refill with it. Anyways, moving on...

Item #2: Aloe Moisturizing Foaming Cleanser

Well I got this because I'm addicted to using skin care products that has Aloe in it (I'm still currently using the Aloe Vera Facial Wash I got from Nature Republic months ago HAHAHAHA) and I'm almost finished with the current bottle I'm using. Also because it has Muzi in it.

Well, I also read that this is a limited edition of their Herb Day 365 line of Facial Cleansers, and that the Kakao Friends line of cleansers are made with the exact same formula with their normal Herb Day 365 cleansers so the effects would be the same. Also you can tell what type of cleanser it is with what the character is holding.

There were other characters available, but ALOE IS yeah.

I got this for 295 PHP, again - a tad bit expensive than the normal Herb Day 365 Facial Cleanser. The normal ones costs 265 maybe the price hike of 30 PHP is because it's part of the collection HAHAHAHA.

As you can see...they're still sealed because I got them on impulse. BUT I will use them...I promise!

Item #3: The Face Shop Watery Tint in Racing Pink and Red Up it's basically just in Pink and Red LOL. Anyways, these guys were on SALE and on a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo so I cannot just pass on it (even if I still have a shit ton of lip tints that I haven't even used nor opened yet). I got these babies for 250 PHP...250 PHP for the both of them already! So that makes it...125 PHP each? 

Thinking of doing a review on each of them next time HAHAHAHA. Anyways, they're just too cute I can't imagine opening them up! Or is it just an excuse because I got them on impulse? HAHAHA JK. 

Close up and side by side. Also just so you can have an idea on its size.

So there you have it! I don't know if their promo on their lip tints is still ongoing, but you can check on their stores just to be sure. This is not a sponsored post, btw. 

Anyways, I might post up a review on the lip tints next week (or on my day off) so you can see the colors and if it's worth buying. 

Also I know my hands are ugly so if you're turned off by it I honestly don't mind because I also think my hands look manly af HAHAHAHA.

Till the next blog post!